What is ECOCERT® certification?

ECOCERT® is one of the world’s most respected international certifications of organic products. Think of it as an additional guarantee from an impartial third party that the Argan Oil you have is a top quality, environmentally-friendly organic product.

Founded in 1951, ECOCERT® is an independent French body for organic inspection and certification which performs quality control by ensuring that all product specifications are strictly adhered to.

ECOCERT® provides high-quality access to organic farming markets globally by inspecting and certifying food products, cosmetics, detergents and textiles as authentically organic in over 80 countries around the world.

ECOCERT® organic standards provide a useful tool for consumers and professionals to judge the quality and reliability of an organic product. To figure out its standards, it relied on a group of professionals that form its technical committee, which seek impartiality and adhere to independent scientific standards.

They are highly selective in granting certifications. ECOCERT® certifications are only given to products that maintain top quality and operate on the principle that organic farming should show high levels of respect for both the environment and the consumer.

Known for its independence, impartiality and competence, ECOCERT® is accredited by the USDA for the National Organic Programme (NOP) and also approved by many countries around the world as the standard for certifying organic products as per their national regulations.


Who Gets ECOCERT® certification?

ECOCERT® is one of the largest and most trusted organizations for certifications because of its very strict standards and close supervision of the entire production of the organic product.

Every step of the making of the organic product is carefully supervised—from the creation and manufacturing to the filling and packaging process. Only products that pass its scrutiny and long, thorough review are accorded an ECOCERT® certification.

Each certified company is expected to show high standards of respect and care towards the consumers, products, environment and ecosystem surrounding the product. Inspectors are present in 80 countries around the world and they form the first line of investigation of a product. The product then passes through a certification committee, and a follow up committee performs technical follow up, only after which is the ECOCERT® certification awarded.

ECOCERT® certification sets a standard and requirement that is even higher than that imposed by current laws about products. This is done to ensure that the production process follows true environmental protection methods and that the ecological integrity of the natural substances is maintained. Producers are asked to refrain from petrochemical substances, artificial aromas, coloring agents, artificial colors, silicone and glycol; and instead asked to use ingredients produced through environment-friendly organic farming practices. Only a few required synthetic ingredients not ordinarily found in natural sources can be used.


Once a product is awarded the ECOCERT® certification, there are regular follow-ups to ensure organic integrity. To ensure that each ECOCERT® product is consistently of required quality, ECOCERT® auditors inspect the product twice a year. These auditors check products, traceability, packaging and labeling. Those companies whose products pass this rigorous check are then given a compliance certificate and a license which authorizes the company to sell ECOCERT® certified organic products.


ECOCERT® certification for 100% Organic Argan Oil

Argan Oil meets the ECOCERT® standards and requirements for Organic cosmetics, which means that it has:

  • A minimum of 95% vegetable and natural ingredients, out of which at least 10% ingredients are organic.
  • Only 5% maximum of synthetic ingredients which are not included in the negative list.

ECOCERT® certified Argan Oil guarantees that the oil is organic and pure and that it was created from Argan trees using environmental-friendly cultivation and harvesting techniques.

The negative list contains all items that do not pass the ECOCERT® standards. Argan Oil does NOT contain the following:

Mineral Oil
Emulsifiers such as PEG
Synthetic perfumes and dyes
Fatty alcohols or acids
Propylene Glycol
Isopropyl Myristate

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