What is Argan Oil?

Often called “Liquid Gold,” Argan Oil is a 100% organic and natural oil from the fruit of the Argan tree native to Morocco. Handmade by tribal women in Morocco, this oil has been used for 3,500 by women in Morocco to revitalize their skin and obtain lustrous hair.

Today, it has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most famous beauty secrets. Breath-taking beauties like Eva Mendes and Marrion Cotillard have confessed that they owe their red carpet glow to Argan Oil. No wonder then that this simple oil from the deserts of Morocco has become a must-have ingredient in high-end beauty products.

Pure Organic Argan Oil is natural and gentle enough to revitalize all skin types. This nourishing and moisturizing oil is full of organic nutrients that trap moisture and infuse a healthy glow to skin, hair and nails. It has nearly 200% more Vitamin E than olive oil, besides essential unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants that rejuvenate and renew skin. All these potent elements combine to protect skin by preventing sun damage, neutralize free radicals and heal blemishes and acne.

Argan Oil is unlike any other “typical oil” because it is extremely lightweight and non-greasy. You won’t feel a thing when you put it on. A golden colored hue and light nutty fragrance add to the charm of this rare, exotic oil that is pure love for your skin.


Here’s why Argan Oil is on pretty much every most-wanted beauty list around the world…

Argan Oil is Nature’s Moisturizer

Your skin produces natural oils (sebum) which lock in moisture and give you a healthy youthful glow. But pollution, UV damage, impurities and the myriad stresses of modern life can throw sebum production completely off balance. The result is dry, flaky skin that acts out!

Argan Oil gives back to your skin all the oils it is missing. It’s an ultra-moisturizing oil that penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin quickly to impart healthy nourishment and a natural glow. Argan oil optimizes skin health and decreases signs of aging by rejuvenating skin cells. Used as a moisturizer or oil balancing serum, you will soon notice the difference it makes to even the most dry or damaged skin.

Sourced all the way from the Berber community in Morocco in North Africa, whose women have used it for more than 3,000 years to reverse aging and improve skin tone, Argan is a cure-all serum. It dramatically boosts skin elasticity and collagen productions, protects cells against harmful UV rays and slows down signs of aging.

And best of all, it is fast-absorbing, so you won’t feel any greasiness or heaviness when you oil up. In fact, you can easily wear it under makeup for an even more radiant look!


Protects against Sun Damage

Argan Oil is full of antioxidants that protect the skin from sun exposure and the ensuing free-radical damage. It protects cell membranes from losing moisture due to sun exposure and helps the cells retain their health.

Adds Luster to Locks

Our hair can get damaged by too many products and over treatment. Argan Oil puts the shine back in your hair and gives you lustrous locks that are healthy and strong from the roots.  It repairs damaged hair and heals dry scalp by restoring moisture. Argan oil can tame the unruliest of frizz by working along the entire hair follicle.


100% Ecocert certified organic with no harsh chemicals

Argan Oil is cold pressed by hand from Argan seeds through a solvent-free extraction process to retain the active natures of the super antioxidants in it. This oil does not need stabilizing agents that often populate beauty lotions and creams. You will find no filler, preservative, additive or chemicals that may irritate the skin in this all natural product. This is why Argan Oil has earned the prestigious Ecocert certification attesting its purity and 100% organic content.


Rich in anti-aging antioxidants

Argan Oil is famous for its natural healing and anti-ageing goodness. Argan Oil is organically rich in healing and rejuvenating elements like: antioxidants, essential fatty acids like omega-6, carotenoids, ferulic acid, sterols and polyphenols, Vitamin E and squalence. Argan Oil’s nutrient-rich composition helps it hydrate and soothe skin at the cellular level.

These vitamins and organic substances repair and hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation and reverse the damage caused by free radicals. Its essential fatty acids protects cell membranes while Vitamin E, sterols and squalene are potent anti-aging antioxidants.


Heals Acne, Psoriasis, stretch marks and scarring

Argan Oil assists with cell regeneration and fights stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, age spots and many other forms of scarring. Many women who have applied Argan Oil to their trouble spots and massaged their skin even for a few minutes daily have seen remarkable visible improvements in skin texture and coloration.


Fair-traded by women’s co-operatives

100% pure organic Argan Oil is imported directly from source in Morocco and is fair-traded. The Oil is hand produced and harvested by women of the Berber tribe in southwest Morocco.

Moroccan women peel the outer layer of the Argan fruit and open the inner nut with a rock to extract kernels, which are pounded by hand to extract pure oil. This cold pressing ensures the best quality, highest-grade oil, adding to its cosmetic and monetary value.

Argan oil products support these women and provide them with stable income, better education and social well being opportunities. Income from the Argan oil has transformed the region, providing a sustainable livelihood and a better future to thousands of women and their families.



Argan trees are a rare species found only in the southwestern region of the Kingdom of Morocco. These trees are protected under UNESCO biosphere designation and all production of Argan Oil is carried out in a sustainable manner to preserve the ecological balance of the region.

The biosphere reserve also promotes a comprehensive reforestation program, so Argan Oil products are not just cosmetic marvels but a force for positive impact in the world as well.

They don’t call Argan Oil Moroccan Silk for nothing! With all of its natural benefits, Argan oil is one of the easiest natural ways to transform you skin from dry, aging and dull skin to dewy, radiant and glowing—that not only looks gorgeous on the outside, but is also healthy and nurtured from within!

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