Benefits of Argan Oil

When people say Argan Oil is sort of a “miracle cure” for skin and hair, they are not exaggerating. The Oil has been known to treat a spectrum of skin problems including dry skin, acne, psoriasis, wrinkles.

Plus, it adds moisture back to overly treated hair and restores its shine. This miracle oil banishes clogged pores, heals acne and gives you youthful, glowing, dewy skin that looks happy from the outside and is fully healthy inside.

With a track record of over 3,500 years, Argan Oil has been consistently protecting, mending and revitalizing the skin and hair of women around the world. Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E and sterols, Argan Oil has been scientifically proven to have many cosmetic and medical merits. Here’s a look at some of the healing and nurturing benefits of Argan Oil:

  1. Helps fight Aging

With time, skin begins to lose moisture and become lifeless and dull. The Vitamin E and tocopherols in Argan Oil replenish moisture in skin cells and reduce wrinkles by repairing the skin’s hydro-lipid layer. Its antioxidants neutralize free radicals and protect cells from dehydrating. Almost 80% of Argan Oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids that resist oxidation, meanwhile the sterols in the oil help to improve the metabolism of skin and reduce inflammation.

With all these natural super agents in it, Argan Oil works from within to ease fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. It restores the collagen and elastin levels within the skin. With greater elasticity and better moisture retention, your skin develops a youthful, radiant glow.

  1. Moisturizes skin from within

The Vitamin E, sterols and squalene in Argan Oil restore the skin’s hydro-lipidic film and help the skin retain its moisture despite environmental stresses and UV rays.

Used as a daily moisturizer, Argan Oil can seal in moisture in your skin, giving it a dewy, plumpy and soft feel that no illuminator can. It makes skin firmer, younger and more elastic naturally.

Even women who have extra dry or sensitive skin can safely use Argan Oil as a moisturizer since it is 100% organic and has no harsh chemicals.

  1. Protects against the Sun

Argan Oil is chock-full of Vitamin E and antioxidants which shelter the skin from photoaging, pollution and free radicals.

The essential fatty acids metabolize quickly and protect the cell membrane from UV rays. The free radical known as singlet oxygen gets excited and is most destructive when exposed to the sun’s radiation. Carotenoids and squalene in Argan Oil can deactivate these free radicals and protect the cell from damage. In fact, the ferulic acid in Argan Oil actually becomes more potent as an antioxidant when exposed to UV light.

  1. Reduces Inflammation

Our skin becomes inflamed due to several reasons: injury, infection, allergy or UV damage. Much of the inflammation occurs due to free radicals. The antioxidants in Argan Oil, like ferulic acid, help to reduce free radical activity and thus decrease skin inflammation.

Furthermore, essential fatty acids are crucial for anti-inflammation, since they are required for the production of prostaglandin, a lipid compound that has anti-inflammatory properties. Argan Oil is rich is essential fatty acids that are similar to the ones found naturally in the body, and hence help enzymes produce more prostaglandin to reduce swelling in the skin.

  1. Smoothes and Nourishes Hair

Argan Oil is a miracle cure for frizzy or damaged hair. It gets absorbed quickly into hair and hydrates hair follicles from within. It moisturized split ends and restores shine to dull, lifeless hair.

A few drops of Argan oil massaged into the scalp also help to keep dandruff at bay, while protecting, hydrating and nourishing the scalp. Daily use of Argan Oil can cure and prevent dry and itchy scalp and boost hair growth simultaneously.

Because it is lightweight in texture and nearly odorless, you can easily use it as a serum to soften out-of-control hair. It nourishes and repairs split ends too.

  1. Lightens scars and stretch marks

Sometimes horrible things happen to our skin like outbreaks of psoriasis or eczema, acne and roughness. Argan Oil gets to work immediately on these problem areas and issues. Its healing properties are thanks to polyphenols which aid in skin repair and are also anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. Topical application of Argan Oil has been known to take care of unhealed tissues and scars from diseases like chickenpox too.

You can even lighten unattractive stretch marks left behind from pregnancy, surgery or drastic weight changes. It also smoothes and nourishes age-old scars from injury and helps even out complexion.

  1. Beautifies nails

Argan Oil softens cuticles and heals brittle nails.  Applying a few drops of the oil on nails makes then shiny and strong, giving you a younger-looking, more polished hand.


How to Use Argan Oil?

There are plenty of benefits of using Argan Oil on a regular basis. To ensure that all parts of your body, including your hair, face and hands get a chance to soak in the natural goodness of Argan Oil, follow this daily regimen:

Daily Regimen for Body

  • Take a few drop of the oil in your palms and rub them together.
  • Now apply the oil to your face, neck and body by patting and slowly smoothing over your skin. The fast-absorbing oil goes deep into your skin and moisturizes from within.
  • You can even apply it on problem areas where you have acnes or scars and it will help in healing any visible marks.
  • If you have dark circles or fine lines under your eyes, Argan Oil can help. For a dewy, radiant glow, apply Argan Oil to your face as soon as you wash it, lingering on the under eye area.

Daily Regimen for Hair

  • Take a few drops of Argan oil in your hands and rub the oil between your palms.
  • Then smooth the oil in your hair, patting down any flyaways.
  • Rub the oil into the ends of your hair to take care of split ends.
  • For best results, apply the oil and leave in overnight. Wash your hair in the morning for a soft, shiny look.


How to Store Argan Oil?

Argan Oil is sensitive to light and heat. Both these environmental factors lessen the impact the Vitamins and anti-oxidants inside the oil, so the bottle should be stored in a cool place, in a dark bottle.

How long does Argan Oil last?

If kept in a closed bottle, away from sunlight and high temperatures, Argan Oil will retain its nourishing and healing properties for up to 2 years.

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