Argan Oil and Your Hair

Argan Oil is a rare organic oil that is packed with nutrients and yet has a natural lightweight texture similar to a high end cosmetic hair care product.

This 100% organic beauty secret has been used for generations to add shine, subtle fragrance and health to the hair without any oily residue.

Argan Oil seals in shine, restores the cellular structure of hair follicles, and creates lush softness without any fuss, grease and chemicals. There is also no build-up to weigh down your hair.

From its exotic origin in Morocco, Argan Oil has now become a hair and beauty must-have for all women battling dry, tired, overworked and brittle hair.
How Does Argan Oil Nourish and Smoothen Hair?

Argan Oil is loaded with essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and Omega 9, all of which boost a healthy scalp and make hair stronger. They nurture the shaft of the hair follicle and reach deep into the roots as well, providing all-round hair support.

Why do we need Argan Oil, or any other hair oil for that matter?

Thanks to heat, pollution and chemicals, our hair starts losing its natural sheen. This is because the shine in our hair comes from sebum (natural oil) that is produced by our scalp. These external environmental elements hinder our scalp’s production of sebum, causing our hair to grow duller, weaker and more unmanageable.


Argan Oil helps reverse this tide.

It boosts the functions of our scalp so that it can produce more sebum and also adds extra moisture back to the length of the hair. Argan Oil has antioxidants which repair cell membrane damage at the roots. Its Vitamin E restores hair elasticity and fatty acids help to lock in moisture in the locks.

With the help of these organic substances and natural goodness, Argan Oil banishes dry, frizzy, damaged hair, leaving behind silkier, smoother, shinier tresses.


6 Ways to get Silky, Smooth, Shiny Hair Using Argan Oil

The best way to care for your hair is to add Argan Oil to your daily hair care routine. Here are some super-easy, creative ways to get happier hair:

  • Argan Oil Conditioner: Pour some of the Argan Oil directly into your normal hair conditioner. After washing your hair, apply this Argan Oil-infused conditioner to your still-damp hair.

Focus on the ends of your hair to treat any split ends. Leave this protective hair care concoction on for about half an hour to work its hydration magic.

Its hydration effect is enhanced if you let it seal in the hair moisture by wearing a cap or wrapping your head in a hot towel. Rinse to get shiny, sleek locks.

  • Leave-in: Massage Argan Oil in your hair overnight and leave in for a deep condition growth treatment, specially if you suffer from a dry scalp.

Make sure to spend a good few minutes on the scalp and hair ends.  Argan Oil is easily absorbed and hence works its way into the roots of your hair.

Wrap your hair while you sleep and wash out the oil next morning with a gentle shampoo. Once a week of an Argan all-nighter will leave you with silky, soft-to-the-touch hair for the entire week!

  • Styling Shine: Argan Oil can replace brand name styling and heat protecting products by doing away with friction, preventing hair breakage and restoring lost luminosity.

Simply rub a few drops of Argan Oil between your palms and then run your hand through your hair to tame frizz and get natural-looking yet polished and well-styled tresses.

No matter what your hair style—long, short, curly or straight—Argan Oil will keep your hair in place all day long without any stiffness or stickiness. It can also boost your hair volume if you use it before applying a curling iron

  • Heat Protection: If you use blow dryers, straight-irons and curling irons religiously, chances are that your hair is feeling the heat—literally!

Heat destroys the hair’s natural proteins and oils, and also weakens the hair’s hydrolipidic film causing it to get dry and rough. Argan Oil protects hair from thermal styling and other environmental menaces.

It replenishes hair proteins and oils and gives you salon-style hair in minutes.

  • Hair Growth: Argan Oil is rich in Vitamins which repair and create tissues in the skin and stimulate hair growth.

But before you apply Argan Oil, you need to wash your scalp and pores of all clogging impurities and product thoroughly with organic shampoo, otherwise Argan Oil will not be able to penetrate your hair or nourish your scalp.

Once your hair is washed, pour or spray 1-2 drops of Argan Oil on your finger tips and gently massage the oil into your scalp in slow circular motions. Within weeks, you should notice stronger and longer hair.

  • Scalp treatment: Argan Oil can even help counteract some annoying scalp conditions like dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhoea, dermatitis and itchy scalp.

As with the hair growth treatment, remember that if your pores are clogged, Argan Oil will not be able to penetrate into your scalp. So, remove any extra sebum (natural oil produced by your scalp), dead skin or impurities from your scalp before applying the oil.

Then, take 1-2 drops of Argan Oil and massage into your scalp. Do it 2-3 times a week and you will begin noticing a decline in these conditions.

No matter what way you use the ultra-light, never-greasy Argan Oil, your hair will feel instantly shiny and extraordinarily silky. Argan Oil seals split-ends and infuses intense moisture into your strands, giving your hair a new life filled with natural health, smoothness and polish.

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